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Help Grow This Palin Supporting Site

Friday, August 8, 2014

Governor Palin Enunciates Fourteen "We Believe" Core Conservative Positions (Also With Spanish Translation)

Governor Palin presented a  rebuttal to Senator Warren's "11 Progressive Commandments" on her new "Palin TV" channel. 

These were set out in a step by step reply to Senator Warren's points. I reproduce Governor Palin's responses without the references to Senator Warren as they stand, by themselves, as a core set of conservative positions. 

Of course they are not the totality of core positions as they are limited to the response a "progressives" positions but they are extremely significant as an indication of strongly held conservative thinking and, of course, as examples of Governor Palin's core beliefs.

It is important, I believe, to set these out in a stand alone setting as if or when Governor Palin runs for high office they will serve as a touchstone for supporters and a rebuttal to opponents. Conversely, if Governor Palin chooses not to run, they can stand as a positions to measure prospective candidates, especially presidential candidates, by.

"We believe that Washington, D.C. needs to take less of our money. It needs more scrutiny, fewer bureaucrats, and it needs a reminder of the principles laid down in the Constitution that our leaders swear to defend. Furthermore, we believe crony capitalism is infecting both sides of the aisle in D.C. We're working really hard to root it out of our party. 

 "We believe in science and God's magnificent creation overflowing with natural resources. That means we have a responsibility to honor Him by protecting the earth as we develop our resources in an environmentally sound way for mankind's use."

 "We believe the Internet shouldn't be censored by the world's tyrants. That means President Obama should reverse his disastrous decision to hand over control of Internet domain names to the U.N., where it will come under the thumb of authoritarian regimes like Russia and China."

"We believe in lifting Americans out of poverty and into sustainable jobs. That means government needs to butt out of employer-employee pay issues. And quit over-regulating business and increasing taxes. It drives up operating costs --that's what affects wages."

"We believe in America where minimum-wage jobs are not lifetime gigs. They are stepping stones to a good job with sustainable wages. It teaches work ethic. We believe in helping Americans climb the economic ladder, not get stuck on the first rung. A strong economy with good-paying jobs comes from free enterprise, not from a top-down, bloated, big-government, command-and-control economy."

 "We believe that students learn to not make decisions that result in a lot of debt. And we believe that schools need to be more accountable for the insane increase in tuition... and their insane curriculum--many of 'em. It's no accident, Elizabeth, that the rise in tuition corresponds with the rise in government intervention. More government isn't the answer."

 "We believe a pension is a promise. It must be honored. We do that by using common sense and prioritizing budgets that once and for all will end waste and fraud and the crony capitalism and the stupid political decisions that are bankrupting our nation. We believe that in order to keep faith with future generations and fulfill our current commitments to our seniors, well, we must enact sensible entitlement reform."

 "We believe in equal pay for equal work. And President Barack Obama should abandon his hypocritical practice of paying women less than men in his campaigns, in his administration, and in the White House. 

 "We believe that all men and women are created equal. They claim that we are not tolerant? Well, we believe that tolerance goes both ways. That means respecting people's right to disagree with you, instead of trying to intimidate or silence us. We believe the answer to free speech that you find offensive is more free speech, not less." 

 "We believe that legal immigration helped make this country strong and vibrant. And that means welcoming law-abiding, hard-working immigrants who wish to come here legally and pledge their allegiance to the United States of America. Furthermore, we believe, as none other than Cesar Chavez believed, that illegal immigration hurts the country. It unfairly hurts working-class Americans of all races, all backgrounds who are seeking good-paying jobs, security for their families." 

 "We believe women have a right to their bodies, just as babies have a right to their living, breathing bodies nestled in a mother's womb. And anyone who wants contraception, more power to you. Continue to freely buy any kind you want, no one is stopping you. We'll fight for the right of private businesses, including Hobby Lobby, to work with you to figure out health-care coverage themselves in any way the owners of these businesses (that they built themselves) want to, knowing that government intervention just always screws everything up.

"we believe that religious liberty is enshrined in our Constitution, remember?  The government has no right to coerce people to violate their religious beliefs. And if they try to take any of our Constitutional rights away, we will fight for them."

"We conservatives believe, as Ronald Reagan said, that you can't be for big taxes, big government, big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy," "We stand with the little guy, who is being bullied and beaten down by the progressive left's failed policies

"We stand for free men and free markets--the twin ideals that made this nation strong, peaceful, and prosperous. We say, God Bless America. 

A further list of Governor Palin's statements on various issues and her personal philosophy can be found AT THIS LINK

Governor Palin's refutation of Senator Warren's philosophy can be heard in Spanish:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Will Palin Run? Here's A Brilliant Analysis

"Hope4Palins at Conservatives4Palin website look sat the presidential possibilites for Governor Palin in an insighful and deeply resourced analysis:

I just watched the Q&A video on and I wasn't surprised by her answer to the question about her running for POTUS. If she were to definitively say today that she will or won't run for POTUS in '16 it would suck all of the oxygen out of the '14 elections, which are CRITICAL. Any kind of definitive answer to that question would take all of the attention away from where it needs to be and put it onto her, and that would be a tactical and strategic blunder. Sarah Palin rarely if ever makes either strategic or tactical blunders (i know that statement will infuriate the PDS folks but it is an objective fact).
A couple of days ago in a late-night reply to someone I pointed out this little historical story to help put things into perspective, from 52 years ago this Fall: Richard Nixon had the '60 election stolen from him and then got clobbered in the CA Gubernatorial election by Moonbeam's Dad in '62; in an infamous snarling press conference he announced his retirement from politics. ( his remarks actually begin about 49 seconds into the video) He spent the next few years as a corporate attorney, a full partner in a major law firm, argued a case before the Supreme Court (unsuccessfully) and made a lot of money. Six years after the disaster of that press conference he was President-elect of the United States.  When he retired from politics in '62, at the age of 49, he was only three years younger than Gov. Palin will be in 2016.
Politics is a world that is almost totally unpredicatable when it comes to individual futures. I want Gov. Palin to run in 2016; I wish we could amend the Constitution just for her so that she could serve four terms in a row. The first wish may or may not happen, the second of course is satirical fantasy. In 2028 Gov. Palin will be 64 years old, three years younger than Hillary Clinton is right now and five years younger than President Reagan was in 1980.
Anything is possible: Decisions/happenings which we will love or which will be bitter disappointments are going to happen over the course of the next decade and a half; Gov. Palin is nowhere near the peak development of her talents and abilities. Robert Bork was probably the most qualified person of his lifetime for the Supreme Court but never served there, a Statist victory which I still have problems accepting; it is possible that Gov. Palin either by choice or circumstance will not be POTUS and we need to recognize that possibility.
Imho this most recent (non)answer as to whether she will run in '16 or not, given just before the end of the '14 Primaries, really doesn't mean very much. If she decides not to run in '16 I will be very disappointed, but I will still continue to hope and to support her because of the length of time and circumstance ahead of her and us. In terms of her potential political achievements there is more time ahead than there is behind. Speaking only for myself, I intend to continue to follow the political career of this remarkably talented and able individual, whether or not it leads where I want it to go or when I want it to happen.
One final point: Governor Palin is a Master Strategist and Tactician; her strategic horizon is breathtakingly long. Section9 is absolutely correct to compare her intelligence and strategic thinking more to the best of Nixon than to Reagan (who was just as brilliant in his own way). Shallow thinkers like the PPC (Perino, Rove, et al) only think as far as the next election: Sarah Palin is a Master Strategist that is committed to a Cause rather than to her ambition; imho that is a concept utterly foreign to any of those people and so they react to her with nervous fear and contempt. That's their loss, but imo their Party is all but doomed anyway.
Did anybody else notice the wording in one of her latest FB postings where she described the GOP as the only/best vehicle of political opposition "at present"? I don't have the body of the quote literally correct, but those two words "at present" really jumped out at me. Gov. Palin always, always says what she means and means what she says except for the subject of her own political future (where she is as vague as mist). I'm going to be watching very closely over the next several months to see how that phrase is developed.
Take heart, everyone: We may be in for a bumpy ride as Constitutional Conservatives, but it sure does beat out the now-unstoppable "smooth as an oil slick" ride of the gopE to the Whig Cliffs. It's actually going to be kind of funny watching their squeaky little wagon disappear into political oblivion. One thing I'm certain of, by faith: The tissue of lies around her will at some point be ripped away, and she will be seen as the political Giant that she is, irregardless of whatever office she may or may not hold in the future.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Palin TV

Tired of media filters? Well, so am I. So, let’s go rogue together and launch our own member-supported channel! This will be OUR channel, for you and for me, and we’ll all get to call it like it is. Please enjoy this video about this new venture and visit:

I hope you’ll check out this new online community and help us build it. ‪#‎sarahpalinchannel‬

- Sarah Palin

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Middle East (And The World) Would be Better Off...

The Middle East would be a safer place if these determined two were the leaders of America/Israel (& 1st families)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sarah Palin And "Racism" A Photo Essay

Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, I was so thankful to meet you yesterday! This is the beautiful

                              SARAH PALIN ENDORSES KATRINA PIERSON

Lloyd Marcus

Ted Cruz "I Would Not Be Here If It Were Not For Sarah Palin"

"Sarah Palin: Support Mia Love’s “Love Bomb”

Allen West

From Sarah Palin's Facebook, earlier today: I'm very proud to add my support to Tim Scott's campaign 

" Sarah Palin Married to Alaska Native Her husband, Todd, is a Native Yup’ik Eskimo."

Sarah Palin endorses South Carolina state Rep. Nikki Haley in the state's Republican primary for governor
"Haley was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, to an Indian Sikh family."

Palin endorses T.W. Shannon in Senate race in Oklahoma

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sarah Palin Act 2; Ready For Hillary

Sarah Palin Act 2

It would of course be absolutely correct to advise that "Sarah Palin Act 2" would be a well out date topic given her numerous "rebirths" since 2008-taking her vice-presidential nomination as an arbitrary starting point. 

Her resignation as Governor of Alaska, rebirth as a television "reality show" star, media pundit, then a bus tour media frenzy possible presidential run, Fox pundit, ex-Fox pundit, Fox pundit again and various other manifestations of Palin activity can all be assigned as Acts 2 through-well the number would be arbitrary and anyone's guess.

However, a constant running through all these activities and media speculations was that the personality, or rather persona of Sarah Palin who rocked the political world to its foundations at the Republican convention in 2008, was basically the same from then till now. 

Certainly there were low moments where the basic, almost impenetrably bounciness that friend and foe alike have come to know as "Sarah Palin" seemed to lose a little of its normally 1000 watt brightness but for the most part the sunny uplands that was the visage and aura of Palin remained pretty much the same.

Until her address at The Western Conservative Summit meeting in Denver

The absolutely correctly appellated "Virginia Gentleman" a stalwart of the long term Palin support site "Conservatives4Palin" commented, in his unique manner, on her address " Watch the fire in her eyes. The firm and purposeful set of her jaw. The supremely confident body language. You are looking at the woman who will be POTUS45."  

Such near hagiography is understandable from long term supporters, and finds its expression from amongst those who are emotionally and, it is fair to say, spiritually dedicated to advancing the cause of Governor Palin. 

But, even if such strength of feeling is distilled from the particular event which gave rise to it, I believe even a dispassionate observer, in fact it would be, perhaps, not going to  far to say that even a political enemy, would see that something has happened to the previously well known personality.

What ever number of "acts' on the political, media or what ever else level eventuate, they will be happening under "Act two" of a new Palin persona. "Virginiana Gentleman" is correct, what was shown in Denver was a gravitas not seen heretofore. 

Certainly a vigorous Palin, an angry Palin, has been on display during speeches and interviews but the basic imperturbable person was not far below the surface and soon bounced back, usually preceded by a quip or a take down.

What was noticeable was that even with, what is normal for a speaker, Palin's opening light hearted remark seemed almost throwaway rather than given with the bounciness that such remarks usually were made with. 

Anyone who was at the speech, or who watched it on video, would have noted a clear change of mood from many previous address that I can recall. Here was a sober,(but certainly not sombre) sharp witted, at times caustic with a sabre-not the wooden sword of past speeches Palin.

This Palin, if asked by Charlie Gibson what her attitude to "the Bush doctrine" was would have said not "in what respect Charlie" but "Mr. Gibson you and perhaps 1% of Americans would be the only people with a clue as to what the purported :Bush doctrine is but I'll answer your question anyway." 

This "Act 2 " Palin would have dismissed Couric as a buffoon and her other media critics as hardly worth considering. Most importantly, the Palin on display in Denver would be, at least, an equal for Hillary Clinton.

"Virginia gentleman" went on to say "she is on war footing and is not taking prisoners. I rather expected that she would take Obama to the woodshed and beat him bloody and I wasn't disappointed. She flayed the skin off of him! " One wonders how long President  Obama can take being beaten up verbally by Palin like this, especially as his media sycophants are deserting him one by one but if he does respond the new Palin will be ready as she was with her reply to Eric Holder in Denver.

 Is Palin Act 2 on display in Denver the first real indication of a 2016 run? If it is it would be enough by itself to put  fear into the other potential candidates. This is indeed a formidable, tempered and tough politician and the media should take note,treat her with respect due to her station amongst the rank and file or they will, as in 2008, be left at the starting gate with dust and egg on their collective faces.

"Virginia Gentleman's" full review of Governor Palin's speech can be  found at this LINK
And Governor Palin's Denver Address at this LINK